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Friday, March 20, 2015

Exciting Stats for 2014 from Lacks Wellness Program:
Choose Well, Live Well!

Lacks Enterprises prides itself on its strong family based culture. One of the ways we care for our family is our "Choose Well, Live Well" program – a voluntary, point-based program that encourages you to make healthy choices. Those who participate in the program enjoy an increased corporate contribution to their Health Savings Account.

The program focuses on the individual as a whole and offers opportunities to earn points based on their unique needs. Only two of the six points required to attain "committed status" are company directed: biometric screening and a health risk assessment [HRA] for the employee and a covered spouse (where applicable). Participants create the rest of the program based on their specific interests and desires by attending informative "Healthy U" events, participating in a variety of corporate or plant challenges, completing annual preventative care appointments, and/or being involved in community activities. Lacks offers many ways to earn points: such as discounted membership at various local fitness facilities; participation in community events like the annual Bridge Run and Yule Run, I’ll Walk 5K; and a picnic style Wellness fair. Still more opportunities to earn points come through community involvement with organizations like Toys for Tots, Habitat for Humanity, Kids Food Basket, United Way, and more. And employees can earn points by participating in a variety of sports tournaments — bowling, soccer, flag football and basketball.

As a result of our supportive and proactive environment to help employees achieve their wellness goals, Lacks experienced exciting success in 2013 that has positioned us as a leader in our industry when it comes to wellness:
  • 60% of Lacks employees are committed to our wellness program
    (industry average 11-25%)
  • 85% of Lacks employees participate in company sponsored wellness activities (industry average 54%)
  • 50% of Lacks employees completed a HRA — Only 16% of employers have a HRA completion rate of 40-60%
  • 2,300 people attended Lacks' 2014 Wellness Fair, of which 1,800 were employees
In 2014 Lacks' wellness program received the Best and Brightest in Wellness award and for the second consecutive year was recognized as a Fit Friendly Worksite by the American Heart Association.  We're excited to see the impact Lacks' Choose Well, Live Well program has in the lives of our employees and their families in coming years as more people get involved in making better and healthier choices. Already, 2015 is off to a good start with an estimated 1,000 people walking at National Walking Day on April 1st!

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